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For promotion of research competitiveness and the trend of technology integration, the department is renamed from "Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering' to ‘Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering' in 2003. The curriculum has been re-designed to meet the requirement of different fields and hence students can be trained to be multi-disciplined. Via courses of multi disciplines, the department not only retains the original features that have been long established but also develops the integration of different fields to achieve integrated research.

From the history point of view, in 1970, the department was established and first named 'Naval Architecture.' In 1976, it was then renamed as 'Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering' under the Government's policy to assist in development of the nation's shipbuilding industry and training of naval architects and marine engineers. In 1979, in order to promote the fishing industry and to improve the lives of the people concerned, the government established the 'Research Center of Fishing Boats and Marine Engines' within this department. With the full support of the department, the research center carries out researches on energy-saving techniques, automation of fishing operations, optimization of ship forms and manufacture of fishing apparatus. The programs for Master and Doctor were added to the department in 1990 and in 1993 respectively.  

Past & Present Chairpersons

  K.L. Lee   Aug., 1970 - July,1971
  C. C. Huang   Aug., 1971 - July,1977
  P. A. Luh   Aug., 1977 - July,1982
  J. S. Wu   Aug., 1982 - July,1988
  M. C. Fang   Aug., 1988 - July,1994
  H. J. Shaw   Aug., 1994 - July,1997
  H. C. Kuo   Aug., 1997- July,2000
  C. H. Huang   Aug., 2000 - July,2003
  R. M. Chao   Aug., 2003 - July,2006
  M. C. Huang   Aug., 2006 - July,2009
  G. P. Too   Aug., 2009 - July,2012
  J.M. Yang   Aug., 2012- July,2015
  S.C. Shen   Aug., 2015- present